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I listened to a speaker recently and was mesmerized as he spoke about Leading A Good Life.  He said, “the ingredient to leading the good life was not expensive, not hard to get, not available to only a few, not scarce and there was no talent required”. 

As a cook he had me at “ingredient”, but I listened closely, and it really made me think of my work at Curt’s Cafe.  He said all you must do to live a Good Life is fill your life with goodness, love, kindness, gratitude, compassion, and generosity – which are the real ingredients that makes Curt’s what it is. 

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Holiday greetings from the staff and students at Curt’s

As we continue to navigate through the ongoing challenges of the pandemic, we were able to reopen both cafes in June.  Through it all, 2021 was a successful year for Curt‘s Cafe. Over 50 new students participated in our program and many graduates returned – some just to check in and others needing additional support, which we provided. Our popular Dinner & Dialogue program allowed us to engage in meaningful conversations while the cafes were closed and we are thrilled that this program continues to thrive today.
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A Note from our Founder

“May we hold every person, in Chicago or Evanston, in our hearts until we find a way to hold them in our arms and keep them safe.”

In six years I have never written a “Letter from the Founder” or even been compelled to. But I felt compelled to write today after receiving a text from my daughter.

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