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Curt’s Café improves outcomes for young adults living in at-risk situations through work and life skills training.

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What's so good about 3%?

It is the recidivism rate at Curt's Cafe! Which means that since opening in 2012 only 3% of our students have returned to prison. State and National rates are both above 80%. We are so proud of our students and the futures they are building after completing our program.

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Everything about our food and our events, our mission, our students, poetry, social justice resources, culinary tips & healthy recipes

Executive Director Transition

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Dear Friends and Supporters of Curt’s Café,

We are writing to let you know that our founder, Susan Garcia Trieschmann, has decided to transition from her role as Executive Director of Curt’s later this year. Susan has served as Curt’s Executive Director since its founding, almost 10 years ago, working ceaselessly to build Curt’s and help the more than 500 students who have been served by our mission. It is precisely because we have built a strong, thriving organization that Susan believes the time has now come for a transition in order to help ensure Curt’s enduring and continued success going forward. The Curt’s Board of Directors is fully supportive of Susan’s decision.

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I listened to a speaker recently and was mesmerized as he spoke about Leading A Good Life.  He said, “the ingredient to leading the good life was not expensive, not hard to get, not available to only a few, not scarce and there was no talent required”. 

As a cook he had me at “ingredient”, but I listened closely, and it really made me think of my work at Curt’s Cafe.  He said all you must do to live a Good Life is fill your life with goodness, love, kindness, gratitude, compassion, and generosity – which are the real ingredients that makes Curt’s what it is. 

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Curt's Team

We are dedicated to providing quality training to underserved young adults and providing quality food service.

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Thank You to Our Sponsors

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The Big Dream

Came True Because Of You!
The Highland Park Café officially opened October 29, 2019

Curt’s Café Highland Park

Two years ago, a team from the organization, Open Communities, took on the goal of making social change in their community. Their desired method was to open a Curt’s Café in Highland Park (CC3). We hope CC3 will become the location of our next cafe, increasing the number of young adults Curt’s Café serves. The amazing and committed professionals at Open Communities have already worked for a full year introducing the idea to the community. WE OPENED THE CAFÉ ON OCTOBER 29TH WITH RAVE REVIEWS. WE LOVE OUR NEWEST COMMUNITY AND FEEL WELCOMED AND RIGHT AT HOME!

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO DONATED TO THE OPENING AND ALSO FOR BELIEVING IN OUR STUDENTS AND OUR NEW COMMUNITY. If you would like to donate specifically to our Highland Park Café please write that in the memo section of the donation.


2922 Central Street | Evanston | (847) 868-8385
Tue - Sat
8am - 3pm
Sun & Mon


1766 2ND STREET | HIGHLAND PARK | (847) 748-8086
Tue - Sat
8am - 3pm
Sun & Mon


Curts Café is a workforce training program that offers learning opportunities in Workforce Development, Life Skills Support, and Experiential Opportunities.

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