What’s New

Update of Hours and Service at our Cafés

As information continues to filter into our living rooms, we all continue to make choices almost on a day to day basis. Curt’s Café is doing its best to react to all the latest information while keeping the safety of our Students, Staff and Community at the forefront of decision making.
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As of June 1, Curt’s Café consolidated its two Evanston locations and will be operating longer hours and serving more young adults at the North Location at 2922 Central Street. Currently, the Café is open until 3:30 PM and by adding late afternoon/early evening hours, more young women (most of whom are attending high school) will be able to attend the program.
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A Note from our Founder

“May we hold every person, in Chicago or Evanston, in our hearts until we find a way to hold them in our arms and keep them safe.”

In six years I have never written a “Letter from the Founder” or even been compelled to. But I felt compelled to write today after receiving a text from my daughter.

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