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Dear Friends and Supporters of Curt’s Café,

We are writing to let you know that our founder, Susan Garcia Trieschmann, has decided to transition from her role as Executive Director of Curt’s later this year. Susan has served as Curt’s Executive Director since its founding, almost 10 years ago, working ceaselessly to build Curt’s and help the more than 500 students who have been served by our mission. It is precisely because we have built a strong, thriving organization that Susan believes the time has now come for a transition in order to help ensure Curt’s enduring and continued success going forward. The Curt’s Board of Directors is fully supportive of Susan’s decision.

The Board has formed a search committee and has engaged an executive search firm, KEES, to work with us in the hiring of a new Executive Director. We welcome any thoughts or suggestions you may have in that regard. Any questions or input about the Executive Director position can be directed to Rick Marsh, the President of Curt’s Board, at

While Susan will be transitioning from her position, she has graciously agreed to stay on until such time as a new Executive Director can be hired and is ready to take the reins. In addition, while Susan will be leaving the role of Executive Director, she will of course remain an important part of the Curt’s family in the years to come.

This May we will celebrate our 10th anniversary, and it will also be an occasion for celebrating Susan and the legacy she has built at Curt’s. And what a legacy it is. After listening to young adults ensnared in the prison pipeline discuss what they wanted, Susan had an inspired vision to provide a way for youth with challenging backgrounds and experiences to get both job training and crucial wrap-around support services. Utilizing both her expertise in the food service industry and her social work background, she created Curt’s Café as a place where students could receive this training and support in safe spaces where they feel accepted and welcomed. The vision has worked spectacularly. Only 4% of our students have subsequently been recidivists, compared to state and national recidivism rates of over 86%. Many of our graduates have completed their GEDs, others have gone on to college, and some have even moved into management positions at Curt’s and other local organizations.  In short, Curt’s changes lives.

We are committed to building on our past successes and to using this transition as an opportunity to help further secure our future. Susan’s vision and commitment will continue to inspire us and, with your ongoing help, allow us to make a difference in the lives of many more young people. Thank you for your continued support!


Rick Marsh
President, Board of Directors

Susan Trieschmann
Founder and Executive Director
Curt’s Café

Thank you to the founder and executive director of Curt’s Cafe, Susan Trieschmann

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