2023-24 Grantors

Curt’s wouldn’t be where it is today without the generous support of our grantors. We Appreciate YOU!

Thank You To Our Grantors

A. G Cox Charity Trust

Alzenia Project

American Endowment Foundation

Benjamin B. Green-Field Foundation

Christ Church

City of Evanston/ Evanston Arts Council

Circle of Service Foundation

Evanston Community Foundation

Evanston Township High School Philanthropy Club

Evanston Arts Council

Family Alliance Foundation

Finnegan Family Foundation

First Bank of Highland Park

First Presbyterian Church of Deerfield

First Presbyterian Church of Highland Park

First Presbyterian Church of Lake Forest

First Presbyterian Church of Wilmette

Fry Family Foundation

Forefront, Inc.

JAB Squared Impact Fund

The John and Kathleen Schreiber Foundation

Julian Grace Foundation

Greer Charitable Foundation

The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation

Helen Brach Foundation

Highland Park Community Foundation

IGRB Charitable Foundation

The Lake County Community Foundation

Network for Good

Northminster Church

Sherman Fairchild Foundation

TJX Foundation

Winnetka Covenant Church

Women 4 Evanston Youth

Yield Giving

Youth Philanthropy Board