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ISSUE 3 – Gratitude

November / December 2016
At our Thanksgiving dinner on November 22nd, we were asked, “What are your thankful for?”

With the holidays surrounding us, we are full of gratitude. This issue is dedicated to our hopes and dreams and what we’re thankful for.
“I am thankful for… My family
My purpose

“I am thankful for… my family, my friends, to help when I can and provide good service to our customers at Curt’s Café South.”
“I am thankful for… cheesecake!”

“I am thankful for…
The people I know
The people I have yet to meet
The things I have done
The things I have yet to do
The places I have been
The places I have yet to go
And all of you for being a part of my journey.”

“I’m thankful for…people who care about other people, no matter race, religion, or color.”
“I’m thankful for… My family Diversity Work”
“I’m thankful for… a place to live, to be alive, a family that loves me, food at my table, and friends to keep my life eventful. I’m thankful to God for blessing me with everything that I have and everything that I am.”


For My Sister

by Claudine

I hope that you learn to appreciate all that life gives by sacrificing the fun for the beneficial.

I hope that you learn that it’s okay to fail sometimes.

I hope that you learn how to protect yourself.

I hope that you have to clean the house by yourself because we all did.

I hope that you have to get a scholarship because our parents sacrificed a lot.

I hope that you make time to enjoy life.

I hope that you make time to rest by being tired.

I hope that you make time to learn about your Burundian and Rwandan culture.

These things that I wish for are because you need to work hard to thrive in this sometimes cold, warm, and dark world.

These things that I wish for you are motivation because self-motivation isn’t a walk in the park.

To Madison

by Grace H.

I hope you learn to have fun by being bored.

I hope you learn to have humor by being serious.

I hope you learn to play sports by being lazy.

I hope you learn to be creative by being unimaginative.

I hope you learn to be adventurous by being cautions.

I hope you learn to keep busy by being idle

I hope you have to share with your older brothers.

It’s alright if you have to be a little tomboy for a while,

but just remember to be girly with your best friends.

Many Curt’s students graduated in December. They will be missed, but they are spreading their wings in college and at new jobs.

Students from Curt’s South took a field trip to the Holocaust Museum to see the “Women Hold up Half the Sky” exhibit. Here from left to right are Phoenix, Tegan and Aria holding up their share.

I Hope

Royell Y.

I hope you learn to say your ABC’s. I hope you learn how to count yo 123’s. I hope that you know I love you, and going be right there. I hope you learn right from wrong. I hope you don’t be a follower. I hope you don’t cry when time to go to bed. I hope you be fair to Mommy and Daddy. I hope you don’t kick your socks off every morning. I hope you don’t be fussy cause Mommy left you. Be respectful, Be honored, Be grateful, Be satisfied, Because that all you got in the world. Don’t get sad, Keep your head up. Appreciation, love, and knowledge These are the thing I wish for you.

Learning to knit with Carol, one of our volunteers.

Open Art Studio led a class centered around creating our own worlds. Each person expressed a different vision through abstract art.