Frank Clements

Board Member
“Frank is a dynamic Executive and leader who has utilized a formal education in economics and finance to drive fiscal discipline and growth in sales, marketing and finance across multiple Consumer Products Companies.  A team player and developer of talent.  Frank is a hands-on strategist with excellent project management and analytic skills. 
Frank is President and Founder of B.R.R Properties which buys, renovates, and rents single family houses.  He has developed a team of contractors to renovate and update, and rent the properties to a diverse set of tenants.  Frank is looking to leverage talents in the non-profit housing arena.
He has volunteer work as a board member (Co-President) for Open Communities, as a staunch advocate for fair housing.  He recently served as a board member for the Harbour, a non-profit organization that provides housing and life skills to homeless young women. 

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