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  • 1 day ago by Curt's Cafe

    Curt's Cafe
    Lavender Sugar Cookies Arriving Next Week at Curt's North!
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    21 hours ago
    Can they be ordered ahead of time
  • 1 day ago by Curt's Cafe

    Curt's Cafe
    Indoor Farmers Market is this Weekend! See you there and stop by for coffee or a treat at Curt's Pop Up!
    Indoor Farmers' Market
  • 2 days ago by Curt's Cafe

    Curt's Cafe
    Next week during Spring Break......
    Curt's North has a special delicious treat for you. What could this deliciousness be? Chocolate Chip Cookie Cupcakes, cookie dough insides (eggless) topped with brown sugar buttercream!!! YESSSSSSSSSS.......... (Available Tuesday through Saturday 3.27 to 3.31)
    Next week during Spring Break......Curt's North has a special delicio