Wilma Nachsin

Advisory Board Evanston
W ilma Nachsin, Co-owner, Career Strategist & Resume Writer, Life Working, LLC
At Curt’s Cafe, I am honored to contribute by using my deep background in Human Resources to help with employment issues, and my career coaching and resume writing expertise to help others find rewarding jobs and careers. It is especially gratifying to see the faces of struggling teens light up when they realize that making better choices is entirely doable. Clients and colleagues call me the “Career Coach’s Coach” because I help them get unstuck, discover who they want to be when they grow up, create effective job search strategies, find their ideal careers, and develop the confidence and skills to succeed. At www.LifeWorking.com, our mantra is CHANGE IS GOOD. My business partner Arlene Wanetick and I offer customized services to clients seeking new jobs and new lives. Combining insights gleaned from our decades of experience in branding, coaching, resume writing, advertising, creative writing, art, human resources, and counseling, we help clients create successful next steps and feel more on track to get their lives working. That’s what we all want, right?

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