Kellie Mann

Trauma-Informed Social Service Provider

“Never have I felt such competence and sense of mastery than servicing the talented potential found at Curt’s”
I ncensed by the realities of the school-to-prison pipeline, Kellie believes “the personal is political.”  She completed her clinical internship at Evanston Police Department in the Youth Services Bureau, providing restorative justice options to the community including family therapy.  The opportunity strengthened a commitment to reparative actions and corrective experiences.  As a Fellow for the Center of Multicultural and Diversity Studies, her dedication to diversionary cooperatives cultivated a radical approach to interrupting systemic injustices, allowing for the larger management of biases and assumptions about suffering.  With a clinical expertise guided by research that is context-appropriate to meet cultural needs, equipped with a theoretical framework of complex trauma patterns, Kellie conveys a passion and understanding necessary for change and healing. Her volunteer work supports the abolishment of the prison industrial complex, contributing time to an independent prison monitoring agency. Motivated to empower with equity, she shows up for service modeling leadership.  The Café nurtures her mission to care for the global community with social consciousness.

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