Elizabeth Van Nice

Administrative Support
Ihave spent the last 14 years in the role of happy to hold down the fort, with three kids now ages 14, 13, and 11. Thankfully the opportunities to support their school communities as well as our church community have given me work experiences that are challenging and fun: event planning, fundraising, teaching, graphic design, and catering! I have a background in engineering and was able to enjoy paid work awhile back as a project engineer for temperature controls installations.
I do love to be in the kitchen and work as the personal chef to my family – and this is hampering their own cooking skills, so I am working on sharing the kitchen these days. I am most grateful to have found Curt’s Café as a kitchen away from home. The chance to participate in the restorative justice mission of Curt’s is one that truly feeds my soul. I am consistently inspired by the heart and strength of all those involved at Curt’s, those leading and those being served, -which are sometimes, most often, interchangeable.

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