Do You Need Help Getting A Job?

Curts Café is a workforce training program that offers learning opportunities in Workforce Development, Life Skills Support, and Experiential Opportunities. 

We offer a space to learn Job Skills –

Have you tried to look for a job but don’t really know how to start?
Have you applied for many jobs but no one ever calls you back?
Have you wanted to work for a long time but just don’t know how to use your skill sets to get into the work force?

We offer on-site Social Service support –

Have you had a hard time finding or staying in safe housing?
Have you tried to get a State ID but found the process impossible?
Have you been questioning some things in your life and don’t have anyone to talk to about those things?

We offer you job connections and networking for future opportunities –

Have you felt alone at some point in your life and didn’t know where to turn?
Have you wanted to get your GED, a drivers license, a bank account, etc but didn’t know how to start?
Have you tried to connect with resources but don’t know where to start?

Curts Café is here to help you with all of those questions. The only criteria to get into our program is a positive attitude and a willingness to learn –

  • You must be between the ages of 16 – 24
  • You must be committed to working for 90 days to learn Work Skills, Life Skills and find a job.

For more information on our program please contact or call.
For Evanston:  224-501-2296 and speak to Marius
For Highland Park:  847-748-8086 and speak to Angelina
If you need immediate help and feel your life is in danger for any reason please call 911.