“What you do is not who you are.” American Indian quote

The challenge:  How do youth who have had police contact become productive, contributing members of society and not part of the vicious cycle of incarceration that so many at-risk youth face?

Our solution:  Open a café here in Evanston as a training ground and job placement opportunity in the food service industry and in life skills for at-risk youth.

The purpose of this program is to teach skills in the food service industry, such as basic cooking, counter service and barista training while also teaching life skills so the youth can be successful in the community and in their future lives.  We will promote education, respect, compassion and integrity, and embrace the philosophy of restorative justice in all we do.

Our students will all come from Evanston and will have a supervisor helping them navigate their new work and schedules.  They will come from their family home, youth homes, the system or friends homes and will all be welcomed into the Café as part of our family.  We hope to have a minimum of 25 students through the program each year.  Each student will receive a small stipend for their time worked and will be encouraged to open secure their money at First Bank and Trust in Evanston.

We invite you to come in and meet our staff and help them see the possibilities available to them if they are able to continue to make good choices in their lives.